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What does the last 100 years say about the Romanian design?

To understand the identity and new trends in design on the current Romanian market, we need to study the process of transformation of design and its evolution. That is why we propose a series of articles by which we want to create a connection between the old and the new, the history and the present.

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100 years, 100 Romanian design objects

The idea to launch these articles has started from the need and desire to create the profile of the cultural and professional identity of design in Romania, in order to highlight the genuine design elements/ works created by Romanian designers.

So: for 100 days we will present 100 Romanian design objects. Stay tuned.

The beginnings

When we talk about the bases of Romanian design, we mean, on the one hand, a long tradition of local origin object production and a number of aesthetic and functional characteristics coming from it. On the other hand, we mean the process of adapting to the great conceptual-aesthetic paradigms that dominated the international history of design in the Romania.



In today’s design and designer’s identity, the design schools from all over the world played a great role.  Such is the Ulm Design School, which have had a significant influence in the development of romanian design.

To be continued…

episode 2

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Inspresso at ZAIN 2018

Inspresso at ZAIN 2018

INSPRESSO AT ZAIN DESIGN EXHIBITION Our design team participated at the Fourth Edition of the ZAIN Design Exhibition, which is considered one of the most important design events in Transylvania. The festival took place in the center of Cluj-Napoca, and the INSPRESSO...

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80 years of CHIMICA

80 years of CHIMICA

80 years of CHIMICA Inspresso at the '80 years of Chimica SA' Celebration Event  For the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Chimica SA, our design team participated at the exhibition 'CHIMICA 80', where the products created within the Group were exhibited. At the...

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