Building Signage

november 2019


Product Design
Brand Naming and Identity

This project consists of a new signage concept, that comes in different dimensions, and can be used on any surface and context: residential buildings, commercial buildings, doors, gates, lockers, mail boxes, even as decoration (for example on birthday celebrations).
We created the HEXA collection for those who want to be bold and unique.
Its shape, the hexagon is one of the most efficient shapes encountered in nature, as the space between the objects it is not wasted and can be used in a creative way of creating a pattern.
The HEXA kit is designed to be functional, but at the same time aesthetic as well.
Discover the combination that suits you the most! The hexagonal shape gives you countless display possibilities.

Beáta Csáka
Dragoș Irimieș
Cosmin Sălăjan

Presentation (.pdf) – 3.8 Mb